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He differentiated between her and there will be a photo      2 0 1 3


This is an exhibition project together with the photographer Judith Sansó. Our works deal with both memory, memories and identity, from different points of view, they are complementary works. We believed that a performance would be the best meeting point for our photographic proposals.

As this project was developed in collaboration, we wanted to include the contribution of a poet-musician (No-Zelandia), who produced a fragment of 'noise' and composed a poetic story for the video work. During the performance he also acted live.

This piece talks about how memories shape individual identity. Personal experiences intertwine, weaving and adding to our biology, a map of realities that makes us different and unique. Even accidentally inherited memories, such as postcards of a life that ended, other people's stories, that little by little become their own, integrating into our identity.

Photographs, pieces of life that look at us since yesterday, dreams and hopes truncated along the way. Sometimes full, summed, and full biographies. Who accept destiny, avoiding obstacles and redirecting their course. Enjoying the gift of life, causality or chance, a whole imaginary of possibility.


" The difference between her and yesterday is a photo / video work "

live performance July 2013

teaser video-photos "the difference"

" restlessness "


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